Hundreds of new extensions for your domain name!

To date, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has received thousands of applications for new domain name extensions. Many new extensions have already been introduced, and this is only the beginning!

What are these new extensions?

They range from generic extensions (.shop, .web, .online) to geographical extensions (.swiss, .berlin, .paris) and extensions related to brands.

What kind of companies may benefit from acquiring these new extensions?

Start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises, since these new extensions concern different sectors such as sport and leisure, culture, travel and tourism, trade, e-commerce, transport, services, health, food, web services, etc.

How do I reserve a domain name with a new extension?

Some of these extensions are already available, others not yet. To give you the best chance of obtaining the domain names you want, VTX, as a member of CORE (an ICANN-accredited registrar) offers to keep you informed of new extensions, release dates, upcoming launches, conditions for obtaining them, and prices.

What are the advantages to companies of the new domain name extensions?

  • Improved search engine optimisation
  • Greater chance of being identified by web users
  • An alternative to extensions already reserved
  • A multitude of possibilities to suit your online activities
  • Protection of your brand