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General information

Why register a domain name?

The assignment rule which prevails is that of first come first served. As a company, it is important to have your domain names registered to protect your corporate identity, products, brands, etc. The idea is to prevent third parties, potentially including competitors, from reserving the name of your company or your products before you do. It is also very much in the interest of individuals to reserve their chosen domain name as quickly as possible.

Who can register a domain name?

Anyone can register a domain name provided it has not already been reserved. You cannot, however, reserve a domain name corresponding to a registered trademark, unless, of course, you are its owner. Furthermore, some domain names are reserved for certain holders.

Should I reserve my domain name even if I dont have a website yet?

If you plan to have a web presence eventually, we strongly advise you to do so, since hundreds of domain names are reserved every day, thus limiting the choice.

How do I transfer my domain name to VTX?

If you already have a domain name, you can transfer it to VTX by clicking this link: Domaintransfer

How do I transfer my VTX domain name to another registrar?

If you are paying the fee for your domain name to VTX and you wish to transfer it to another registrar, you will need a transfer code. You can obtain this code by logging in, using your username and password, to the Management section, then clicking on the Authorization code button in the Protection column. The transfer code will appear automatically. This code will be essential if you wish to transfer your domain name to another registrar.

How to contact Switch regarding your .ch/.li domain name ?

If you have any issue with your .ch/.li domain name, you can contact Switch at the following address: helpdesk@nic.ch.